Start Waves /Elite

1. Do you have an Elite competition group for the sprint triathlon? If so, what do I have to do to qualify for this start wave? How does that work for awards?

YES. We have an elite start wave, one for men and one for women. These are “self selected” start waves only, and are a separate OVERALL RACE competition group. The purpose of our elite start waves is to get the more experienced and faster triathletes out in front of the main field so they do not have to move around slower athletes. It’s safer this way and people don’t get so upset. You do not have to qualify or provide comps to start in the elite wave. We do ask that you honestly consider the following criteria to determine if you should select to start in these waves:

  • SWIM 300 yds – 4:30 minutes or faster – at least 1 minute, 30 second pace/100yds
  • BIKE 10 miles – 30 minutes or faster – at least averaging 20 mph
  • RUN 3.1 miles – 20 minutes or faster – at least 6 min 25 second pace/mile

If you think you might not be able to keep this pace, please stick with your age/gender group,  Remember, we’re trying to make things as safe as possible. You don’t want to be a speed bump for faster competitors.  IF you select to race in the Elite Group you are racing for the OVERALL RACE WIN only and you are not eligible for any age group awards. Bring your “A” game!



2. I registered for my gender/age group, but I’d like to start in the elite wave . Can I change my registration?



3. How many people are in each start wave?

Wave numbers are approximate and are assigned to facilitate timing and ensure accuracy and safety. We cap our wave size at about 100, although some groups will be smaller. After registration for the Sprint Triathlon closes, we will finalize the Start Waves. The Start Wave Schedule will be on the front page of


4. How many minutes between waves?

There is 3 minutes between each wave.
Wave 2 will go 1 minute after the Elite Wave. If someone in wave 2 passes all of wave 1 you get $50.


5. Is there a way I can determine which wave I’m in and the start time?

We create the start waves by grouping participants by age and gender, with some extra groups for “elites” For larger age groups, there are multiple waves. Some smaller age groups are combined into a single wave. .


6. Do different start waves get different colored caps? What if I accidentally get the wrong color cap for my assigned start wave?

We assign cap colors based on the age/gender waves – that’s the swim color you’ll get in your race packet. On race day, if you elect to start in either the Elite then check in with the Director or timing and obtain a new swim cap. The waves will have a mix of cap colors. The age/gender waves will have the same cap colors. If you do get a different cap color from others in your age/gender wave, it’s okay.  We do, however, need you to wear the swim cap you receive in your race packet as it makes you easier to spot in the water and helps us keep you safe.