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Pensacola Beach Triathlon

Pensacola Beach Triathlon

May 17, 2014

 Registration opens December 20th

This event is held at the beautiful Pensacola Beach area. It is an amazing venue with a great post race party scheduled at Flounders.

Course Description:

300 Yard Swim, 10 Mile Bike and a 3 Mile Run

This will be a swim in the protected Sound behind Flounders.

Racing Strategy
Flat and Fast! Train for speed. =)

Spectator Tips
Finshers Medals
Great T3 Party @ Flounders!!

The swim has a long pier for an amazing view of the entire swim. After the swim proceed to the transition area in the Casino beach parking lot to see the bike finish and run finish.

Contact Information

Sean McSheehy

(910) 874-8743

(910) TriTri3

Thank you for racing @ The PENSACOLA  BEACH  TRIATHLON!

If you do not reach me directly then leave an email address on the recorder!

I will respond to you shortly by email if I am unable to take your call.

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